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  • EAW LA-128Z  Like New Demo 2x18" Sub Sale: $1149.00ea

The LA128z (2 x 18-inch LF) professional subwoofer is engineered to complement LA Series full range systems and any full range loudspeaker. Recessed cups on the top accept the footpads of an LA325, LA460, LA118z or another LA128z. It is designed for both portable and install applications. Optional caster pallet available.  40HZ-200HZ  2000watts RMS

Lab.Gruppen FP2200 1,100watts per ch @ 2ohm, 17lbs Sale $1,899.

Lab.Gruppen FP3400 1,700watts per ch @ 2ohm, 22lbs Sale $3,299.

Lab.Gruppen FP6400 3,200watts per ch @ 2ohm, 22lbs Sale $4,399.

Lab.Gruppen FP2400Q  500watts per ch   @ 2ohms x 4ch Sale $2,399.

Crown XTi Series Sale Prices:       XTi-1000 $499. XTi-2000 $699. XTi-4000 $999.

  • Ashly 4.24 Seaker Processor Sale: $1,435.00 Free Shipping!

Four Inputs and Eight Outputs , the Protea System II 4.24C Digital Crossover/System Processor has all the audio processing tools needed for precise crossover and sound control. Each input allows you to control gain, delay and six parametric, low or high shelf filters. In addition to setting crossover frequencies, each output may be assigned to any one or a combination of inputs, allows you to program four parametric, low or high shelf filters, delay for time delay adjustments, output gain, reverse polarity and a compressor/limiter for speaker protection.

  • Ashly GQX-3102 Stereo 2ch 31 Band Eq Sale: $635.00

The GQX-3102 features two channels of 31-band 1/3-octave EQ, a tunable high-pass filter circuit (8Hz to 200Hz), a switch-selectable cut or boost of either 6dB or 15dB. The full-throw faders are a custom-manufactured metal-shaft type, with the center detented position utilized as an “on/off” switch for that filter (to minimize any possible degradation in signal noise levels). and 10-segment, two color LED meter displays, referencing 0 VU to +4dBu.

  • Ashly 4.24G 4ch 31Band Digital EQ Sale: $1,370.00

Full control of the 4.24G is accomplished from the front panel in an intuitive and straight-forward layout. It's like using your old analog equalizer, only with extra features and benefits to simplify your audio chain requirements. Housed in an all-steel 2RU package, the 4.24G has all the audio processing tools needed for flawless equalization and sound control. In addition to 28 bands of 1/3-octave EQ are a programmable compressor/limiter for speaker protection and programmable delay of up to 1.364 seconds for time delay applications.